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Admission requirements

Admission to the Summer School will be based on a selection consisting of an assessment of scientific and professional qualifications and an interview.

Candidates selected by the assessment of qualifications will be notified for interview.

Mandatory prerequisite

Master of Science degree in one of the following areas is a prerequisite to the course:

Architecture and Civil engineering;

Industrial and Information Engineering;

Geophysical Sciences;


Economics and Statistics;

Political and Social Sciences;

Law Sciences;

Mathematics and Computer Science;

Historical and pedagogical sciences.

Application procedure

Candidates may apply for the selection by 23:00 CET of May 31, 2020 by delivering via email the following documentation:

The application form (.pdf) filled in;

A copy of the identity card or other identification document

Scientific and/or Professional Curriculum Vitae (.pdf);

Cover letter explaining:

Motivations for participating in the course consistently with personal specialization areas, possible applicability and skills development;

Short and medium-long term objectives that contribute to the choice of the Summer School as a tool to achieve these goals;

Scientific-professional strengths, describing experiences, knowledge and skills highlighting particular attention to the strategic activities of the course.

Send an email to with the required documentation. Total size limit for ALL documents to be delivered is 15Mb.

Please note that the person concerned is personally responsible for what they declare; if the Public Authority has a well-founded doubt on the truthfulness of what has been declared, then it shall perform suitable checks and adopt any measures where applicable.

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