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The Academy

After the Damages

Inernational Summer School

The International Academy After the Damages offers a real opportunity to bring together participants and scholars of different disciplines, discuss new issues, tackle complex problems, and find advanced solutions and new trends in the after disaster management. The training addresses a two-week course that provides a focused study of risk management issues for a high skilled audience interested in the after disaster governance. Both weeks emphasize critical thinking and analysis, skills that will be valuable to attendants in whatever fields they choose to pursue in postgraduate experience and beyond.

Prevention and safety solutions through design and practice on existing built environment

The International Summer school program offers intensive training

The International Summer school program offers intensive training – either frontally or in the synchronous and asynchronous form at a distance, and through fieldwork in thematic inspections – which covers both the essential concepts and the updated tools for the reduction of the disasters’ risks, focusing on the multiple natural hazards, including multiple events and consequent effects. The method of disaster risk reduction is explored through the disaster cycle (i.e., mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery) and concerning the interaction of natural hazards with human society.

The International Academy “After the Damages” is among the three-year high educational projects in the fields of culture, economy and technology. Regional Law n.25/2018, Article 2 – decision of the Regional Government n.1251/2019

Virtual experience

For the first edition, due to the restrictions imposed by social distancing, the scheduled thematic visits are virtually experienced broadcasting on-line events from:
  • Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Pieve di Cento, Bologna;
  • Santa Maria Maggiore Cathedral in Mirandola, Modena;
  • Palazzo Schifanoia in Ferrara;
  • Palazzo Sartoretti in Reggiolo, Reggio Emilia;
  • the Compound of San Pietro, Modena.

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